Saturday, July 2, 2011

"God wishes to establish devotion in the world to my Immaculate Heart"

(Luke 2:41-51)
Each year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover,
and when he was twelve years old,
they went up according to festival custom.
After they had completed its days, as they were returning,
the boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem,
but his parents did not know it.
Thinking that he was in the caravan,
they journeyed for a day
and looked for him among their relatives and acquaintances,
but not finding him,
they returned to Jerusalem to look for him.
After three days they found him in the temple,
sitting in the midst of the teachers,
listening to them and asking them questions,
and all who heard him were astounded
at his understanding and his answers.
When his parents saw him,
they were astonished,
and his mother said to him,
“Son, why have you done this to us?
Your father and I have been looking for you with great anxiety.”
And he said to them,
“Why were you looking for me?
Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”
But they did not understand what he said to them.
He went down with them and came to Nazareth,
and his mother kept all these things in her heart.

Praised Be Jesus Everyone!!!
today is the feast of the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother. many people ask "why devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady" I would like to write about two specific points about this particular devotion, the first point being in reference to today's Gospel and the second in connection to the Apparitions at Fatima.

1. True Knowledge of Jesus

It is said when a young woman is engaged, the best way to get to know her soon to be husband is to get to know his mother. This is true because the mother shares the closest bond with her children she was there from the beginning, at his birth and all the other important and significant events of his life. Even more important than these is that the mother is there for the daily events of her sons life she is the one who raised him, in this our mothers usually know us better than what we think they do.

so it is the same with Our own Blessed Mother. In the Gospel it states after the finding of Jesus in the temple that Mary " kept all these things in her heart." Marys heart Truly is the source of Knowledge of Jesus. in a way we could say that Marys heart is the 1st Gospel for Mary knew her son first hand, and she recorded all of his life from his miraculous incarnation,His childhood in Nazareth ,to his death on the cross, the Resurrection and his Glorious ascension, Mary is there for it all. Mary knew her son better than any of the Gospel writers, so her heart has more of an intimate knowledge of Christ. Knowledge of Christ is an important part of the Christian faith, and while we seek to know Christ more intimately we can turn to Our Blessed Mother, for she knows Christ best, as we read the Gospels we can ask Mary to enlighten us with her motherly knowledge of Christ so that we may understand, know and love Christ as she does.

2. True Love of Christ

In Fatima Our Lady told the 3 Shepard Children "God Wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart" Our Lady teaches us the the devotion to her Immaculate Heart would bring about conversion in the world, and peace to mankind. How does devotion to the Immaculate Heart do these things? the answer in itself is simple, It is because her heart is full of pure and complete love For God, the more the hearts of men melt into the Heart of Mary, The More the Hearts of men will inflame with Love for Jesus! devotion to Our Lady's heart always points to Love for Jesus, as devotion to Our Lords most Sacred Heart points to his Love for us and the burning desire for the salvation of Mankind, Our Lady's heart points to that love of God and Christ which leads us to desire the salvation Christ wants for each and everyone of us.

If The world seeks to Imitate the Virtue of the Heart of Mary, we would be so filled with Love for Jesus and for God that the world would convert their hearts to God they would no longer offend him by sinfulness, there will be no more war because they will be filled with Love of their brother that there will be no need for War. The only desire of the Immaculate Heart is that we Love Jesus more than anything. As our mother Marys heart desire above all else our salvation! and her heart wishes to Lead us always to that Salvation in Jesus Christ! so may we turn to Or Mother that she may teach us Pure and Perfect love of Jesus!

Novena To The Immaculate Heart

O Most Blessed Mother,
Heart of love, heart of mercy,
Ever listening, caring, consoling, hear our prayer.

As your children,
We implore your intercession with Jesus your Son.
Receive with understanding and compassion
The petitions we place before you today,

Especially ... (special intention).

We are comforted in knowing
Your heart is ever open to those
Who ask for your prayer.
We trust to your gentle care and intercession,
Those whom we love and who are sick or lonely or hurting.
Help all of us, Holy Mother,
To bear our burdens in this life
Until we may share eternal life
And peace with God forever. Amen.

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