Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All for his Love!

In the Christian life we all struggle with the problems of our day to day life, Struggle with our Crosses, struggle with temptation. we ask ourselves "what is the point of putting up with all this?" "why Me?". These are the Questions we all ask ourselves over and over again. It is important to remember that God has infinite unending Love for us! and it is this Love that gives us endless strength and comfort . We must live Our lives in the Truth that God loves us, and do everything because God loves us. This in turn leads us closer to Holiness because we are living our life not in our own Human love, but in Divine Love (which is perfect Charity). Many people say that they do many things in the pursuit of holiness because they love God. but I challenge to say that, shouldn't we try to lead Holy lives because God loves us? Our love is finite, and at times can be superficial, selfish,etc. but God's love is all giving and seeks the Salvation of all! By Living our life in response to Divine love, we become conduits of that love, and become a source of Divine love ( a witness of sorts) to the all giving love of God!