Saturday, April 30, 2011

Come To the waters of Mercy

Hello Everybody! It's been a very lo0000ng time since I last posted, but I'm back! Tomorrow is the Great feast of God's Mercy Known as Divine Mercy Sunday and as many of you know Tomorrow is also the Beatification of Our Beloved Holy Father John Paul the Great who instituted this great feast of Divine Mercy Sunday in response to the call of our Lord, given to the Church through visions to Saint Maria Faustina of Poland. Our Lord Promised that those who went to Communion in a state of grace, and received Holy Communion on the Sunday after Easter (The Feast of his Mercy) , and prayed for his mercy, that soul would receive complete forgiveness and reparation of all the temporal punishment due to Sin! What a great gift! through this special grace we are restored to the state that our Soul was at the moment of our Baptism, this is one of the greatest exercise of Our Lord's Mercy upon his people. Briefly I would like to make a brief reflection on this great feast using the word's of John Paul the Great "Be not Afraid!" As a youth who grew up during the last years of the pontificate Of John Paul the Great, this was the one thing John Paul cheered us to each day " Be not afraid!" Be not afraid to eb who Christ wants us to be, be not afraid to grow towards holiness, be not afraid to be who we are as young Catholic men and woman. we have the power to not be fearful because we have Christ's great Mercy it is in this trust that we can go forward to change the world, to heal hearts, to comfort the sick and the oppressed, the suffering, depressed, and heart broken. It is this trust in his mercy that gives us the courage to go forward and Be Christ for one another and truly serve our brothers and Sisters, because no matter where we are in our lives we have Christ's Mercy, that if we come to it we will be healed and given the grace to go forward and truly be a light to the rest of the world! so I cheer every one just as John Paul did on this eve of Divine Mercy "Be not afraid!" be not afraid to Love and be not afraid to be Christ to each other God Bless!

John Paul The Great, Pray for us!!!

For more info on the Divine Mercy devotion please refer to the link below