Wednesday, June 1, 2011

as the Father has loved me so I will love you!

Praised Be Jesus everyone! Happy June !! as many of you know June is dedicated to Our Lord's Sacred Heart! in this month we focus on Christ's love for each and each one of us.

Today I would like to focus on Christ's words in the gospel of Matthew "But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you" (Matthew 5:44)

I was flipping through this weeks Newsweek and came across an article about, a very well known pop Idol (I wont use her name if you want to read the story it's on page 50 of the June 6th issue) who has made her mark for fame by empowering people, and helping them accept who they are. This is all well and good but I came across a disturbing line where she says "I want you to reject anyone who didn't make you feel accepted. maybe you felt misunderstood".

I am all up for personal growth for people to come to terms and feel comfortable with themselves, it is apart of our mission to Love Ourselves so that we can effectively love others (Love your neighbor as you love yourself) . But we should never reject those who reject us, in all their rejection of us should bring our hearts to burn with greater love for them.

Nobody is a greater model of this than our own beloved Lord. he who on the Cross forgave those that put him to death (and ultimately opened salvation to them and all of us), who constantly forgives us who hurt him by our numerous sins, and indifference, and hatred, and sacrileges which offend his most adorable heart each and ever day throughout the world. He does this out of love for us. Christ is teaching us what it means to truly love, and that real love is hard! it is easy to Love our Friends, Family, and those that support us.

But when it comes to those who have hurt us, those who do not affirm us or support us, even those who hate us, the natural reaction is to return those same sentiments. But Our Lord has given us the model and mission to love these people.

we can not love these people by our own strength, we need to draw on the most perfect Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The way that we can do this is first of all to be honest with Jesus and ourselves be honest with our feelings (not try and sugar coat them and fool ourselves) tell Jesus that I really don't want to Love this person (people, organization etc.) but I know Lord that you can give me the grace to Love, make my heart like yours.

God Loves us with a human heart, Christ the Savior of the world knows human hurt, and knows rejection, and in his infinite Love he will give us the strength and grace to Love as he loves.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Make or hearts like unto thine!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on us!

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