Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bringing the Church Home

In These Times of Trial,we need to a place to reconnect and renew. Out side of the physical Church walls, this place of reconnect and renew for most people is in the confines of the Home. In today's society we have effectively separated the Sacred and the domestic. In our minds we have created homes devoid of the Sacred. Butr in the reality of it all, the sacred and the domestic are intrinsically linked. here we speak about what Pope John Paul the Great called "The Domestic Church". The Home is where we first encounter God and it is the Home and familly that the Church is modeled after. we can cultivate a place of spiritual renewal, prayer and Sanctuary in our very houses. an easy way to do that is through shrines. small (or large in some cases) reminders of faith, a place within the home where "The Spirit of God dwells". These little shrines can consist of a Family Bible, A Crucifix , a Statue of Our Lady, Saints, Holy Cards etc. This can be wonderful place to bring the familly together for prayer, or for personal prayer and reflection. so Let's make this fun!! send me you pics of your home shrines and I'll post them on the blog! I will put some pictures of mine here later!

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